Work Evaluation in the General Direction of Industry

Dili, 05 January 2024

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (M C I) through the General Direction of Industry conducted a work evaluation activity for 2023 and prepared projects for 2024 following the plans and actions of the IX government’s constitutional program which prioritizes programs in MCI.

The Vice-Minister of Commerce and Industry, H.E. Mr. Augusto Junior Trindade, said that the evaluation was to review the performance of the General Direction of Industry that needs to be continued in the industrial sector.

“It is a good thing for the national interest and the development of the industrial sector, so we need to continue and do not look at color and race but need to prioritize government attention to serve the country and the people who have not been well developed,” said V-MCI.

V-MCI also described all government management institutions that are invested in money and use government facilities but after the term of office is over, the documents during the term of office are not kept or given in full to the new management institution to continue with it will have a bad impact on the continuation of the industrial sector.

“We feel a little disappointed, using government facilities and tomorrow the term of office is over, all our documents are taken home and that is the problem we never want to give what we have done to others to continue”. With that, V-MCI said that in the future he must prioritize the planning and programs in the ministry in order to process developments in the country.   



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